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Holiday Reflections

Let’s enjoy the season! It’s less than two weeks until Christmas. My holiday party, that I give each year, is already becoming a fond memory. Gifts and cards that need mailing are gone. While there are still a lot of tasks to complete, I am at a point where I can begin to enjoy my decorated home and some of the goodies that have been prepared. It is time to enjoy the holiday music and watch some of the holiday shows.

Join me as I let “good enough” become my mantra.

Cleaning will now just become maintenance work. I will delegate some areas to others.

Cooking will become lighter and less complicated. We will eat out more and have more snack-like meals by the tree.

I will schedule on my calendar some times to pick up those last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. I will take my time doing this and enjoy the surroundings and decorated stores.

I will set up a wrap station to finish the wrapping for my local gift giving.

I will enjoy the cards as they come in. I will read notes and check to see that I have correct addresses.

I will plan a trip to see the holiday lights.

As I work around my home, I will put on some holiday music.

On Christmas day I will start jotting down a list of ideas for future gifts. If I receive a gift that duplicates something I already have, I will start a donation box for items no longer needed.

I hope that your holiday season is the best one yet!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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