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home office organization

To keep my home organized, decluttered, and inventoried I divide my house up into zones and tackle a zone each month. January is home office month and at this very moment my office looks like a bomb exploded in it. I am tearing things up and moving things around. Because business is growing and because I continue to learn and bring in more idea files my office was busting at the seams. I am in the process of taking some less used material and some archival files and moving them to a closet in the spare bedroom. I plan (when that zone appears on my radar) to redo that closet with Elfa shelving that would be suitable (will buy the shelving soon though to get that 30% discount). My desk and file drawers are complete but the rest is still in flux. I hope to get another big chunk done this weekend. I am pretty excited about the expected results. I need the breathing room.

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