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Homeless Items in Your Home

Do you have homeless items lurking in your home? Often when I am working in homes, I’ll come across an item and ask, “Where does this go?” I’ll get responses like: “Oh, it is used all over the home.” or “I don’t know – wherever.” or “I don’t know. Where do you think it should go?” Even if items float, they should have a final resting place or home. That laptop or notebook can be used in any room, but when not in use, it should have a place to live. Where? Probably on a shelf close to where it is used most often or in a basket near the couch. The phone? When not on your person, it could be near the charger station. I drop mine in my purse ( I don’t want to leave home without it). The keys? They can live in a basket or on a hook near the door. I have also had people place them in a bowl that is above eye level (they don’t want walk-ins to know where the keys are kept). I keep mine on a hook that is always hooked to my purse. The purse or wallet is another item that is often just dropped down in different locations. Nothing really wrong with always dropping your purse on a certain chair, but it should have a place to go when you are cleaning up. A shelf or hook in the closet could work. Wherever you decide to house an item, it should be a logical place for you when looking for it. Why do these items need homes? Saving time is one big reason. When cleaning a room, it is great to know exactly where to put each item. It really speeds up the cleaning process. Everyone in the home knows where to look for the item and you don’t waste time looking for it either. Another reason is that you are more aware of your space. Having everything put away can show you that items are crowded in the space (maybe that’s why item wasn’t put away to begin with) and that a tossing session is due. I would love to hear some of your ideas about where you house items that can often be homeless.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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