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Is Your Home a Money Pit?

Do you wonder where in the world all your money goes?

Let’s find some of those holes and turn them around.

1. You buy items you already have. You buy that cute green shell only to later realize you already have four in your closet. You buy BBQ sauce only to find a bottle in the fridge and several on different shelve in your kitchen. The answer to this is to group all like items together so that you can see what you have. Then look before you shop.

2. You are continually paying late fees and paying recurring fees for items you don’t really want. Even worse, you are damaging your credit rating. Organize your bill paying and keep a calendar of when bills are due. Even when credit cards are paid automatically, look them over. you might find that you are being billed automatically for gym membership or subscriptions that you don’t even want. You might even find fraudulent charges.

3. You are paying monthly offsite storage. One in eleven households rent a storage container to hold stuff they don’t want in their house. Now it the time to start purging. Why pay to hold on to items you don’t want in your home?

4. You are keeping clutter in your home that you no longer want but that may have some value. These items take up valuable space and camouflage items that you love The average US household contains 52 unused or unnecessary items worth the average of $3,100. Sell, consign, or even donate for a tax write off.

5. Your clutter hides items of real value. As you start to clear your spaces you may well find money, gift cards, and un-cashed checks.

5. You are losing valuable time. You can never regain the time that is lost looking for your keys, phone, or missing sweater. If you have fewer items and keep them organized, you will have more time to spend on something that really matters to you.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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