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It’s easier being the Organizer than the Client

Here is a picture of me making progress on my inbox. Laura Ray ( is great. She is so very patient. I learned a couple of neat tricks that really make me feel better about keeping up with emails that I am saving while getting them out of my inbox. I have doable homework. I have managed to drop about 150 emails out of my inbox. I was supposed to spend an hour on Monday working on my homework. It was 8:00 pm before I could even think about it due to a morning meeting and afternoon client. A half hour was all I could manage. But with some tips she gave me I did manage to drop over a 100 during that time. She also gave me good advice about my bookmarking. She followed up with me today and I had to call her back while in the car on the way to a client and report my minimal progress. Like many of my clients, I want it to be much better much faster. This has been a great experience for me in many ways. It puts me in the shoes of many of my clients and while I felt I was always sympathetic and understanding, now I really feel their pain. However, “Slow and steady wins the race”. I do want this done and I know that I can do it. It might take another session with Laura Ray though.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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