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Live with the Space

When I am reorganizing a zone in my home, I first revisit my vision of that space. What is the purpose of this area? What is there that supports the vision? Is there anything that does not support the vision? How do I want to feel when I am in this space?

Our visions change over the years. Our idea of what a living room should look like when we had children and a multiplicity of pets is different from our vision of the room when there is just two adults or one adult using the room.

Ideally, we get rid of anything that does not support our new vision. This will open space. An overstuffed chair is gone. A game table is gone. Accessories are removed from shelves and surfaces. Fewer items in the zone will give you an open space where you can move more freely. You have less clutter. You have less to maintain. You are no longer keeping things just for the sake of having them.

This feels strange at first, like the hole in your mouth where a tooth has been pulled. The empty areas scream out to be filled. What should we put in the room in place of that chair or table? What should go on the mantle now that we have removed the old trophy or knick knack?

And it’s true, you have opened up space for new possibilities. But don’t rush to fill that space. Live with it for a while. You might even enjoy the empty space. There may be more lightness in the zone. You may feel freer.

Someday you might find something that feels so right for your vision of this zone that you buy it. And you know exactly where it will go and why. But you didn’t buy it just to fill a space. You bought it because it called to you and you loved it. It serves a purpose.

Meanwhile, live with the empty space and enjoy it.

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