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Make Your Calendar Work for You in 2013

By now you have probably gotten tired of writing notes on the back page and putting sticky notes in your old calendar.

Let’s plan how to set up your new calendar for the upcoming year.

Step One: Review your current calendar. This is the fun part. Go month by month to note birthdays, anniversaries, and standard meeting times. Also note doctor/dentist appointments that are already set for the upcoming year.

Step Two: Transfer these dates to your new calendar in a color that will stand out. As you go through the year writing in all the other appointments, you don’t want to lose focus on these dates.

Step Three: On each month, either along the edge or at the top of your calendar, write in actions that you usually do during that month. For example, in January I have “clean out birdhouses” and “organize office zone.” In February I have “deduct from checkbook deposit box expense” and “organize my guest bedroom zone.”

Step Four: On each month, Make a list of when organizational dues are expected and when you make annual contributions to organizations. For example, in March I have “National Audubon” due and in April I have “Atlanta Botanical Gardens” and “National NAPO” due. Most of these organizations start to solicit months before the renewal is actually due. This side bar of information on when items are really due keeps you from guessing or having to check back into your files or checkbook.

I always enjoy setting up my new calendar. It is fun to review what I have done during this past year and to feel prepared for the upcoming year.

Jonda Beattie Professional Organizer

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