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Making Room for Growth

My goal by the end of January was to have my office reorganized for the coming year. As business grows and files increase, the office begins to feel crowded. I start to have more file boxes or portable files on the floor. My desk gets harder to keep clear. I have now purged my files. I have taken some and put in a plastic file box for archives. I have deleted or compressed some files. I have taken some items that I use rarely out of this office space. I have rearranged items on my bookcases to make a more current and open look. Some more art work was added.I enjoy coming into my office again. Now one of my goals for next month is to redo a closet in the guest room to become my “off site” storage for some of those items I have removed but still need. I will draw up a plan this weekend and run off to the Container Store while the sale on elfa shelving is still going on. I am now excited about the next step. I’ll keep you posted.

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