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Many Thanks to IKEA

Kudos to IKEA for several reasons. IKEA is an Associate member of GA-NAPO. Wednesday they set aside a very nice conference room for our GA-NAPO board to use for a meeting. They even set us up so we could do a conference call with one of our members who could not be there in person. After the meeting I had a little personal shopping I wanted to do 🙂 I made my purchases and went back to my car. I carried the receipt in my hand as one of my purchases was just being carried with out a bag and if anyone would ask, I wanted my receipt handy. When I got to my car, I loaded in my items and reached into my purse to retrieve my wallet so that I could put my receipt away. No wallet! I checked my NAPO bag to see if it had fallen in there. No wallet! Panic! I raced back to where I had checked out. The cashier was very kind but had not seen my wallet. He directed me to the service department. I rushed upstairs and the woman behind the desk asked me for a description- I told her it was black and looked like—THAT! My wallet was sitting in front of her. After checking my picture ID in my wallet, she returned it to me. One of the people at IKEA had seen it on the floor and taken it right up. I have no idea who it was, but according to the woman behind the desk (whose name I did not get- shame on me), this happens often. Thanks again for all the wonderful, honest people in the world. Life is truly good.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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