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Office Zone

If you follow my zone plan, January is a great month to organize your office or the place where you keep your files. First study your office. Are there some “hot spots?” What is bothering you in this area? How would you like your office to look and feel? What about your office area do you really like and enjoy? Make a list of all the things you want to do to fix up and organize this area. For me,I want my office to be inviting. I want my work areas clear of clutter. I want my ongoing projects to be in bins or files so that I can pull out one at a time and then “clear the decks” when I am ready for another project. I want my file systems current and easy to access. I want to feel in control when I am in my office. Plan to complete this area by the end of the month. I like to divide the area into 4 sections and work on one section each week. The first week I will tackle the wall that has my desk. I will clear everything off and out of my desk and give it a good cleaning. I will purge duplicates and things I no longer need or love. My files will get cleaned out. I will archive old files that I still need but aren’t current and leave lots of room in my file drawers for growth. The second week I will work on the wall with the cabinets. I will get rid of old binders I no longer need or archive ones that I may need but don’t use often. I will organize the hanging files in this area. I will look at my accessories and decide if I want to change some of them. The third week I will work on my bookcase. This will be an easy week because I only allow as many books in the case as will fit and constantly get rid of old books when new ones come in. The last week I will do the wall with the bench and a project file. The bench holds some supplies that I will look over and see if I currently often use these supplies. At the end of the month I will put fresh flowers on my desk and just stand in the doorway and admire it. My office is fresh and ready for the new year.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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