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Office zone

January is the perfect month to organize your office zone. I organize my office every January. By the time a year has passed, it really needs a new look and feel. First I reflect on how I want my office to look and feel for the coming year. I also reflect on what worked last year and what isn’t working so well now in my space. Personally, I want an uncluttered yet warm look. I want to see things that remind me of my yearly goals. I want to feel on top of my business and life when I am working in my office. I want my current work to be at my fingertips. I want clear open spaces and uncluttered, uncrowded files. How am I going to make this happen? This month has 5 weekends. The first weekend I cleared away my Christmas decorations so now I have 4 left. My office has 4 walls. Each weekend I will divide my office into a wall section and analyze and attack that section. This first week I will tackle the wall that has my desk. I will clear everything off and out of my desk and give it a good cleaning. Then I will decide what goes back into the desk and what gets purged. My files will get cleaned out. Many items will be archived elsewhere and therefore my file drawers will have room again for new material. I will celebrate by putting fresh flowers on my desk and next week I will tackle another wall zone. By the end of the month, my office zone will be fresh and ready for the new year.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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