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OMG! Who trashed my office?

You look at your office and wonder if someone has trashed it! The you realize it’s just that you have let stuff pile up for weeks and not taken the time to do your due diligence maintenance. You have riffled through stacks of papers looking for that one you know you printed out a couple of weeks ago – then you give up, dig back through your emails (which also need cleaning up) and find the form again and reprint it. While looking through stacks of folders, you have put some of them in a stack on the floor. Your clipboard is under the bench. Your shoes that you kicked off last night are under your desk – wait – make that 2 pairs of shoes.

Just imagine what your kitchen would look like if you went weeks without any clean up! Like any other area in your home or business, your office needs regular maintenance.

I have found that checklists help. Below is one that I have developed for my office:


Clear desk

File papers

Update calendar

Lay out first project for tomorrow


Check over projects – update timeline

Move forward on calendar uncompleted tasks

Set up basic calendar for upcoming week

Check all action files

Enter information into QuickBooks


Reconcile bank statement

Print out monthly goal sheet and contact sheet

Tally work completed and align with goals

Check budget


Revisit vision for office

Clear out all files

Deep cleaning of all areas

Reconfigure office to meet new vision

Now the final step is scheduling these tasks onto my calendar.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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