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Open Spaces

I pride myself in keeping an uncluttered home but sometimes we get so used to seeing things where they are that we don’t notice some absurdities that have crept in. It takes an outsider to come in and open your eyes. I am very good at doing this with my clients – for myself, not so much. That is why I called in help in the way of Tami Puckett,, to help me with design issues. It started with needing help to pick fabric to recover my sofas and ballooned into a reworking of the living room. She had ideas that I would have never thought of (putting a narrow table between the sofa and the window so the cats might be tempted to lay on it looking out the window instead of the cushions of my newly covered sofa), reinforced some things I already knew (that coffee table had to go- not too pretty and taking up waaay to much room), and showed me how to open up more space by getting rid of a rather large piece of not too pretty furniture, whose sole function was holding a fountain. She has other ideas to lighten up the room and open it even further. It will be exciting to see the room unfold. This week I suggest you take a room and either try to look at it with the eyes of a stranger, with the idea of opening up more space and checking to see what might be changed to make an area more usable; or you call in someone to walk though the area with you.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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