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Organize That Traveling Suitcase

Weather is getting nicer and many of us are looking forward to some spring or summer travel. I know it is not fun to schlep around multiple or huge suitcases. Here are some tips to make packing for that trip a breeze.

  1. Make a list. I keep a master list that I modify for each trip. This keeps me from forgetting my phone charger or medicated face cream (both in original pack and repack to come home). Then for each trip I list what I am really taking and print it off. This goes in the outside flap of my suitcase.

  2. Start early. I start laying out outfits a couple of days before the trip. I know from past experience that if I wait until the last minute, I am no good at making decisions and pack waaay too much.

  3. Pare down. Take only what you are sure you will need. Plan on wearing some outfits twice. If it is going to be cool, take only one sweater. Plan to layer. I always feel that if I do forget something I absolutely need, it will be an excuse to go shopping (but this has never yet happened).

  4. Plan outfits. Lay out your outfits before packing. How can you mix and match? Only pack jewelry that goes with those outfits.

  5. Clear out clutter. When packing your hygiene/cosmetic care products, only pack what you are sure you need. Clear out the extraneous clutter. I use a soft dopp kit that can be scrunched a bit.

  6. Plan. Pack your bags with a plan in mind. Put your shoes – one or two pairs – at the bottom. Stuff the shoes with socks or underwear. Roll up most of your clothing to save room ( and reduce wrinkles). Place folded items that don’t roll well on top. Last, tuck in smaller items.

  7. Contain dirty clothes. Pack a plastic bag for dirty clothes or designate a space in your suitcase for the dirty clothes. For short trips I use a zippered net section in the lid of my suitcase.

  8. Plan carry on. If you are flying and have a carry on, pack your prescriptions, expensive jewelry (but why take it?), money, camera, tickets, itinerary, keys, and a book or kindle in this bag. If room, carry one change of clothes.

  9. Save space for return. For the return trip, take lots of pictures and keep souvenirs to a minimum. But still, when you pack your bag leave a little room for that special item.

  10. Just for fun – look at the fantastic packing skills in this video.

Bon Voyage!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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