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Organize the Master Bedroom Zone

If you are following my zone plan, this is the month I organize and clean my master bedroom. I always start with my vision. I want this room to have a soothing, calming feel. I want this area to always remain uncluttered. This is the area where I want total relaxation and happiness.

Last year I did quite a bit of redecorating in this room. This year, the only change is in some art work – moving out the whimsical cats and birds to my office and putting in a piece of sculpture in its place.

The bedroom zone can be done in three weeks.

  1. Week One: I start on the wall with my closet and a dresser. With the summer season fast approaching, this is the perfect time to evaluate the clothes in this space and see what needs to go, what needs some care, and to switch out winter clothes and put in summer clothes. This closet holds what I wear 80% of the time in any given season. I also evaluate the clothes being stored in the dresser. I do not want any of the areas that hold clothes to be overfull. I want to find things easily and I don’t want items scrunched together.

  2. Week Two: I work on the wall with the tall dresser and follow the same pattern. This is an easy week so I plan it on a week that is rather busy.

  3. Week Three: I work on the wall with the bed, window, two small tables, and the wall to the left of the bed that has no furniture. I take this opportunity to clean all of the bed linens. I also clean the fan above the bed and the air vent. The window and blinds get the accumulate dirt and dust removed as well. During this week I will clear off my night stands. I tend to collect books I would like to read and they often end up here. After a year I have quite a stack of unread books. It is time for some of these books to go and some to be stored elsewhere. Too many books stacked up looks stressful instead of inviting to me. A few books offer promise but too many begins to look like a chore.

As a reward for finishing my bedroom, I buy fresh flowers and admire my fresh, peaceful, well organized bedroom. I know I’ll sleep well in here.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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