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Organizing the Attic or Basement Zone

If you work on a zone plan in cleaning and decluttering your home, this month is the perfect month to work in your attic or basement. It is not too hot or too cold and you are probably already in that area looking for seasonal decorations.

So while you are up there (or down there), look around. Besides the seasonal decorations, what else do you store in this area?

Make a list of all the categories you have in the storage space.

You might store:

  1. out of season clothes

  2. suitcases

  3. archival papers

  4. seasonal house items like fans/heaters

  5. sports equipment

  6. toys to pass on to grandchildren

  7. extra furniture and household accessories

Group all related items and then designate zones for that category. Items that you will not use in the next year should be stored the farthest from the entry. This might include the extra furniture, archival papers, or toys.

Label containers. It helps to locate the holiday items if you use colored or themed boxes to store your decorations, but still label the boxes with the primary items. If you containers are well labeled, you will not have to dig through every box to find that advent wreath or crèche that you want early in the season.

While sorting, if you come across broken or unloved items that have been languishing in this area for years, get rid of them now. You will feel so much lighter when this is accomplished and next year, when this zone rolls around again, it will not be nearly so difficult.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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