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Organizing the Home Office

A new year! A fresh start! I would love for my whole house to have a magical reset button that would make it clean and organized. However, the reality is that I am the one who has to make this magic happen and it won’t be “poof” it’s done. That is why I use my Zone Plan to work on one zone of my home at a time.

I start my year by working in my office zone. Now is a great time to clear out files and make room for the new year and to start pulling tax materials. So, I work my plan step by step.

  1. What is bothering me?

  2. overfull files

  3. project bins outdated

  4. clutter

  5. unfiled papers

2. How do I want my office to look and feel?

  1. clean and uncluttered – open

  2. welcoming

  3. inspiring

3. What do I need to do to make this vision come true?

  1. sort, label, and file all loose papers

  2. clear all desk drawers, files, and surfaces

  3. purge files

  4. shred and archive old papers

  5. set up current project bins

  6. deep clean the zone

4. Schedule time to do each task.

  1. pull out calendar and see what times are available

  2. schedule reasonable dates/times for each task

  3. write the times on calendar as appointments

  4. follow the plan

By the end of the month, I will call whatever has been accomplished as “good enough” and move on to the next zone. The office is now ready for regular maintenance until the next year. I always reward myself by putting a fresh flower on my desk.

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