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Organizing the Living Room Zone

This is the month I organize my living room zone. Spring is around the corner and I want my living room fresh and ready. The first thing I do is review my vision for this room. What do we do here? How do we want to feel when we are in this room?

This year things have changed. It is no longer just my vision to consider but a shared vision with my husband, Rob. I start off my day in this room with my coffee and newspaper. Rob and I often end our day on the couch talking, listening to music, or watching TV. This is a good place to sit and look out the window at the birds, squirrel antics, and the passing parade of life. If we are having a light meal, we will often eat here. We entertain our friends in this room. We want this room to be relaxing yet with some visual stimulation, cozy and casual, warm and inviting.

When I organize a zone, I look for any clutter that may have accumulated. Are things placed in this room in an organized and functional manner? Are there things in the room that we no longer need or love? We will pare down our collection of CDs and DVDs. I will evaluate the items I use for entertaining and see if I still feel the need for all of them. We will purge the coat closet of any extra outerwear or anything we no longer enjoy.

As I go through every zone, I clean and polish as well.

By the end of the month, the room will look and feel bright and ready for spring. I will celebrate with fresh flowers, a candle, and a nice glass of wine with Rob.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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