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Organizing the Master Bedroom – The Zone Plan

When I organize and clean my home, I use a zone plan. Every month I choose a different area to clean, declutter, and organize. In May I concentrate on my Master Bedroom.

I always start with my vision of my bedroom. I think about how I want this room to look and feel. I want this room to welcome me and have a soothing, calming look. I want this room to have a soft feel. When I am in this room I want to feel relaxed and happy. I do not want any clutter in the room and I keep it very organized so that I can maintain those feelings.

This time of year we are moving into warm weather. This is a great time to look at my clothes and decide what I still love and still looks good on me and what is either looking tired or no longer fits either my body or my spirit. I keep off season clothing in another room so this month I will make the switch from cool weather to warm weather clothing. All clothing that will remain in my bedroom will be in season, in good condition, and clothes that make me happy. The clothes I no longer love will be given away or tossed. I will work in both of my dressers and my closet.

I will also look over the reading material by my bed. I will only keep what I am currently reading and maybe one or two more books that I plan to read in this space. I only want positive reading material in this area.

As I organize this area I will give it a through cleaning from the ceiling fan to the floor. I will open the window and let some fresh air in. When I complete the process by the end of the month, I will put in fresh flowers and stand back and admire my peaceful, well-organized space.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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