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Organizing the Workshop

This past month one of my organizational zones was my workshop. I give it a good sort/purge/clean once a year. I always kind of dread this area because it seems to look so cluttered and disorganized after a year. First you put an item in there after a project-“just for now.” Then you toss in some items that you have been carrying in the trunk of your car because you need the space for a project. Then it is difficult to get the ladder back where it belongs so you just lean it against the wall by the door. I swear to you- clutter breeds in the night. But, once I get into the project and bring most of the items outside and sort them by type (gardening tools, dirt, potting soil, container mix, planting pots on one side along with house hold repair items like paint and painting tools, caulk, extra tiles nearby and on the other side-carpentry tools and my bike, party supplies like extra chairs and a table in the center) with a heavy duty bag for trash and a box for items to recycle, things start to roll. I knock down the cobwebs, sweep out the floor and start to put things back in. I have a zone in my workshop for each type of activity. I have shelves, pegboard, and hooks and containers. I know where things go. It really only takes a few hours and makes me feel so happy that it’s done. Maintenance is the key and once a year does keep it from being really out of control. Next month- the kitchen.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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