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Organizing the Workshop or Garage Zone

In September the weather begins to cool down. Summer equipment is now getting cleaned up and stored. This is a good opportunity to set time to organize your workshop or garage zone. Even when you do this area once a year, it can get easily disorganized or cluttered because it is not in your main living space and it is soooo easy to walk in and dump something “just for now.”

Start with deciding the purpose for this area. Do you plan to:

  1. Park cars

  2. Store extra household items like water/paper products/oversize cookware

  3. Store garden tools and gardening accessories

  4. Work on woodworking projects or store household tools

  5. Use as a holding area for some recyclables

  6. Store sports equipment/outdoor games/camping gear

Now bring everything outside – if this is a large or very filled area, do it by sections. Sort like with like. Note what is broken or what you have not used in the past year. Get rid of these items or make a note to replace them. Get rid of expired seeds or old chemicals. Give away or sell tools you no longer use.

Next decide where to logically place your zones. You will want to place items that you access regularly near entrances. As you are grouping your items in each zone, look for containers to hold small items that are rattling about. A clear shoebox without the lid can hold gardening gloves. A flat basket can hold gardening tools. Utilized shelves, pegboards, hooks, and nails to keep items off the floor. Avoid stacking containers because for sure you are going to want something that is in the bottom container. Label containers that are not clear.

Knock down the cobwebs, sweep the floor, and start putting things away. You’ll be amazed at how much roomier the area is now that all the items have been bunched together and stored away. Now, reward yourself. A hot shower and a cool drink might be just the thing.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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