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Poor Time Managment = Money Lost

Poor time management costs you money. Here is a short list of ways I have seen clients lose money because they did not use their time well.

  1. Paying bills late and accruing a late fee because of not scheduling regular times to work on household budget/bill paying

  2. Overdrawing accounts because of not taking time to reconcile bank statements

  3. Paying for missed appointments because of not recording the appointment on the calendar (or not taking time to look at the calendar)

  4. Getting docked pay or risking losing a job because of being late for work

  5. Overbuying and wasting food because of not taking time to plan meals or checking food inventory

  6. Buying clothes impulsively without taking time to figure out if the clothes are really needed or loved more that something already owned

  7. Paying for gym membership that is not used because workout time is not scheduled

  8. Paying for magazines or books that time is not allotted for reading

  9. Wasting gas money and wear and tear on the car because trips/errands are not planned

  10. Paying more for trips/rentals/purchases because time is not scheduled to do a comparison shop

If you are guilty of any of the above, pick the one that causes you to lose the most money and schedule some time to correct the problem. Need help with your time management? Take time to schedule time with me or another professional organizer.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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