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I was blessed to give 2 presentations this week. They were both on the same topic but still very different presentations. Both presentations were on the steps to follow when doing an organizational project and were based on my book From Vision To Victory. The first presentation was given at the Southeastern Flower Show. The audience was there because of the flowers but as I pointed out, the steps in the book can be used to organize anything- even your garden. The audience tended to come and go during the presentation but I enjoyed it and the book signing afterward. The second presentation was to the Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Support Group. This group was great at participating and giving feedback. They came up with their own unique situations and I really just facilitated while the also came up with some of the answers. I love to give presentations to groups of all types and sizes but I do think my favorites are the smaller sizes that will respond, take notes, and participate. If you are interested in an organizational presentation, please contact me.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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