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Even when we know better, we can let our priorities get out of kilter. What seems to be urgent items, crowd out the important items in our life. We end up exhausted and anxious. The struggle with time management isn’t usually cured by reading new techniques. We usually know what we should do. The exhaustion we feel from putting out all the fires has an impact on all areas of our life. We skip the morning exercise to squeeze a few more minutes answering emails. We put off eating until we are so tired and hungry, we grab anything. We don’t go out Friday night because we just want to crash in bed. So how do we refresh and restore our balance? First we have to have that awareness that we are out of line. Falling asleep over the computer or during an evening teleclass is a clue. Putting on weight and beginning to feel more aches and pains could be another clue. Or perhaps friends have given up calling because you are always so busy. Then we have to take some time with ourselves to go back and look at our life vision. What do we want to do with our life? How do we want to feel? Look at all the areas in your life – career, family, friends, health, intellectual, spiritual. Review your goals in each area. Now, find activities that will help you get to your goals. Sometimes one activity or event can serve you on several levels. For example, this past week, I put my business aside and went to visit my sister in Spokane and went to my niece’s wedding. This helped me work toward my goals in the family, friends, health, and spiritual areas. I came back so refreshed and my business did not fall apart. Moving forward I am planning other events to continue working on my goals – a week with my son and his wife, a personal business retreat, a vacation with a girl friend, a family reunion at Thanksgiving. On a weekly basis, I have scheduled exercise, social time, and joined weight watchers. I hope to continue to create better habits with my time management in order to keep my priorities in line. I am scheduling the things I need to do – my everyday life activates. I am scheduling my work activities – and putting an end time on my days. I am scheduling at least one thing I want to do – dance, go out with a friend, take in a movie. I am looking at the commitments that are already made and on my calendar. I am scheduling time for my health – exercise, weight watchers, doctor appointments.

What are you doing to keep your life in balance?

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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