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Project Time-line

Imagine you have a big project coming up. Clean out the garage? Plan a party? Prepare for a presentation? Complete a doctoral dissertation? Big or small, all projects will be less stressful if you develop a time-line. Start with the end in mind. How do you want the final project to look and feel? At what date do you have/want to complete this project? What do you have to do to arrive at that final place? Brainstorm every little thing you have to do. Look over the brainstorm list. Maybe some items on that list might be broken down into even smaller steps. Now write all of the items from your list on index cards or in a word document. Arrange the items in a logical, sequential order. Determine how long each item on the list will take to complete. On your calendar, first write the final due date of the completed project. Next, write the intended completion date beside each item on your list. These are your “do” dates. Does the list look doable? Allow some “wiggle” room. Life happens and you will probably not get everything done right on schedule. Now, transfer these dates to your calendar (and don’t forget to look at that calendar). The joy of having this time-line is that you won’t have this big “worry cloud” hanging over your head. You have a plan and you are following your plan. You can also see, by tracking the tasks, how much work must be done and that procrastination of the tasks will either cause stress or keep the project from being it’s best. If you have your vision and follow your plan, victory will surely follow.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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