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Re-purpose Party

This past weekend I held a re-purpose party. Everyone was to bring or tell about something that they re-purpose. What a wealth of ideas! Some were very practical, some were whimsical, some were artistic. Let me share some of these ideas with you. The picture shows a piece of art done by Tami Puckett made from found materials. It is made from: the tip of a palm frond, a peach pit, cherry seeds, the end of a paper roll, Celluclay (an instant paper mache), beeswax, colored pencil and acrylic paint. Ann Langley took a piano apart that they could not even give away and used parts of it for art. I especially liked the use of the wooden music holder as a piece hung over a doorway. She also has used the rack of hammers as art on the top of a bookcase and intends to use the soundboard as wall art or a sculpture. She is also wanting to use some of the wood as shelving. Feriel Feldman uses a footed sewing box to hold her dog leashes and collars near her front door. She also uses an antique pottery chamber pot for mail, floral glass frogs to keep small jewelry tools, and a man’s tie rack to hang jewelry. Diane Robinson uses a bucket to collect air conditioner water to water plants or put in her fountain. She also uses tins (the kind foods or cookies come in) to store food or to wrap and transport gifts. Doug made a beautiful dining table from old found rafter wood. Claudia uses bounce sheets in many ways- in place of stabilizer on fabric or to put her needle through when sewing (it stops thread from tangling), to freshen the air in drawers or shoes or car seats or the trash can, or to collect pet hair off the furniture. She also had uses for empty cardboard rolls, newspaper bags, sand paper, and freezer paper. She sent me a whole page and could do an entire blog herself. Darin uses his cappuccino maker to quickly heat water for tea. Len made a unique candle holder out of a glass P-trap from a lab. He also came up with the great idea of using a metal pasta ladle to clean out gutters (his sister, Ann, also said they were great for dipping ice out of a cooler.) Amelia suggested using egg cartons for sorting earrings and I used the lab beakers for vases. I’m afraid there were some other good ideas that I may have forgotten. I would love to hear from some of you about what you re-purpose. Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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