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School is Out!

The end of school is almost here! Your children are soooo ready for it to end. Last day they are going to come home, dump their school stuff and run outside. OK, so give them one day. But, those stacks of old school papers – not to mention that backpack have got to be dealt with before summer can really begin. Have them clear a space (keep dogs and cats clear for their own safety) and turn the backpack upside down and dump its contents on the floor. Shake it a few times so that what is stuck to the bottom with old gum and candy also comes out. Now do the sort. Smelly clothes and sneakers go to the laundry. Tattered papers and candy wrapper go to the trash. End of year awards can be salvaged and put into a clean folder for the future. Check out old crayons, pencils, and other school supplies to see if they are going to be kept for summer art or are they in such bad shape they need to go to the trash. If anything in the pile tries to crawl away- step on it. Decide if the bag is going to be used again or is it now also ready for the trash (broken zippers, tears, strap broken). Do not let this clutter stay beyond one week. Have everything that is saved filed or put away and everything that is no longer good recycled or trashed. Now, enjoy the summer!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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