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Spare Bedroom Zone

February is the month I organize and declutter my spare bedroom. This past year I did major redecorating in this room with the assistance of organizer Tami Puckett of Mindful Redesign – She helped make this room reflect my interest in travel while making it inviting to my guests.

Spare bedrooms often have multiple functions. My spare bedroom stores offseason and less frequently used clothes, wrapping paper and gift accessories, memorabilia, household accessories, overflow storage for archival files and office supplies, and is a place for guests to enjoy.

My zones are well defined in that room and everything is behind closed closet doors or in drawers. My challenge for this month is finding a home for all the extra office files that I have dumped into this room while clearing space in my office zone last month. It seems like each year I need a little more closet space for my office overflow and I think that this year I have maxed out that space. That means that I need to look long and hard at what I am already storing and let some of those items go. A serious purge needs to happen. Then I will have room for the more recent overflow from my office.

Throughout this month, I will tackle one wall a week and toss items and reorganize the items that remain so that at the end of the month, my spare room will again look inviting to guests and all storage items will be out of sight behind closed closet doors or drawers.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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