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Spare Bedroom zone revisited

At the beginning of the month, I showed the mess on the floor that now has to be housed in the spare bedroom. Last week I put an elfa closet system into the closet on the left. The closet on the right was done last year and still works. I purged some of my clothes and put together a nice bag for the Kidney Foundation. Copies of my book, From Vision to Victory, and mailer envelopes to mail the books out, were put in the closet you do not see. Much of the memorabilia that was in the closet where I now store the books, was placed in a couple of dresser drawers in the room. Wrapping paper is in an under the window seat storage area in the room. One of the dresser drawers holds gifts I have bought and not yet given. The remainder of the office items are now stored in the closet on the left with some room to spare. With all closet doors shut, it still looks like a guest bedroom. There is still some hanging room (in the closet you don’t see) and part of a drawer for guests to put their belongings. I still have some work to do on this zone and will complete what I can in the first week in March. Then on to the next zone- the living room.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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