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Starting with a Vision

When trying to help people organize or declutter an area, I always ask them to start with a vision. I want them to really see in their mind’s eye what the end result should look like and feel like. I want them to visualize themselves in that dream room. What are they doing? What are they feeling? Are they enjoying the room? Often it seems that people have not taken this first step and when we do talk about it, it really helps to set the stage for all that follows. Then, we can look at items in the present room and ask, “Does this item fit with your vision?” If two people are sharing a room I like to talk to both of them as it often turns out, they have slightly different visions. They will both say they want the room organized and decluttered but one may see the room as a work out area and another may see the room as a study. One may want the room decorated with a seascape feel and the other may want to show off souvenirs from travel. I also like for them to write down all the activities that will happen in that room and then set up zones in the room for those activities. This helps us decide what stays in the room and where it should be stored. If this first step of starting with the vision is done, the end result is wonderful! This is one idea in my upcoming book, Visions to Victory.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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