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Surviving the Holidaze

Thanksgiving is almost here. The Holidaze season is already upon us. This is the time to make your calendar one of your best friends.

There is so much to do during this season and the ideas just spin around in our head. When will we get it all done?

Most of us are pretty good about putting major events on the calendar like parties and programs. What we do not put down are the times we plan to do holiday tasks and rituals.

First, brainstorm with your family all that you would like to do in the next couple of months.

Next, bring out the calendar that you use daily – you know – the one that has regular family events on it like PTA, choir practice, sports events, doctor appointments, etc. Plug into this calendar the non-negotiable holiday events. This might include special church or holiday events, traveling to visit a relative, a business or neighborhood party, or a special school event.

Now, think about the rituals your family loves to do each year. Check over that brainstorming list for new ideas. This might include making cookies or a gingerbread house. You might like to get a tree and decorate. Perhaps you like to send out cards. Maybe you have an annual shopping spree event. Do you like to give an annual party? All of these rituals are fun, but to really enjoy them, time must be planned for them to happen. So, now block out on your calendar – just like events you go to – the times you plan to do each one of these rituals. Some may take multiple days.

If your calendar already looks too full, discuss what might be dropped this year. Do not fill in every spare moment because you know unexpected opportunities will appear. Allow some time to enjoy your home and your decorations. Allow some reflective and quiet time during this busy season.

Above all, enjoy your holidays!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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