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Surviving the Holidaze

Thanksgiving is next week. The Holidaze season is upon us. This is the time that the calendar must become your good friend. Make a list of all the things you are planning to do between now and New Years Eve. Your list might include items like mailing holiday cards, decorating, preparing special meals or baking, giving and/or going to a party, travel, going to plays or concerts, shopping and wrapping gifts…. Get out your calendar or planner. Use the one that has all of your regular family events on it like PTA, choir practice, sports events, doctor appointments, etc. Now block out the times for all of the things on your list. Some items like shopping, preparing and mailing holiday cards, decorating, or baking may take multiple entries. If you are planning on ordering gifts, especially some that may have to be mailed, leave plenty of time for delivery on your calendar. Do not book that calendar solid. Allow some time to enjoy your home and your decorations. Allow some reflective and quiet time during this busy season. If your calendar looks overwhelming, stop and think about your vision for your holidays. Are you doing some things simply because they have always been done? Are there some items on your list that can be dropped? I would love to hear how you manage your activities over the holiday season.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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