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Ten Tips for Clutter Control

You look around your home and see little stacks of clutter here and there. How did that happen and how can you control this situation?

  1. Everything that is in your home should have a purpose and a “home” where it stays when not in use. Nothing should “float.” Even if you use your laptop in several places, it should have a place where it lives when you want to put it away.

  2. Like items should live with like items. This helps you keep track of what you already have. Laundry items should be stored together. Batteries should be stored in one area. DVDs should live in one spot. And all of the items should fit into whatever container you have set aside for them.

  3. Nothing new should come into your home unless you really need it or want it. When something new does come into your home, it should have an immediate “home.”

  4. Don’t overbuy. When you buy huge amounts of paper towels or laundry soap, where will you store it? If you buy 20 cans of soup because it was on sale, where will it all live until you use it?

  5. Use the one in/one out rule. When you buy new shoes, get rid of a pair of old shoes.

  6. If you buy something that you already have, get rid of the old one immediately. You don’t need 3 blenders.

  7. Don’t buy gifts unless you know who you plan to give them to and when. Have a place for gifts to live until the gifting time arrives.

  8. Don’t subscribe to magazines or newspapers you don’t have time to read. After you do read your print material, recycle it. All of your reading material should have a place to live while it is in your home and if that place gets too overcrowded, bring in less.

  9. All paper that comes into your home should have a place to land – either in trash, recycle, or in action folders. None of it should end up on your desk or kitchen counter.

  10. At least weekly, do a clutter roundup and put everything away. This includes laundry.

Now, it’s your turn. I know I probably missed some great ideas. Please share your tip on keeping clutter at bay.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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