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Thanksgiving has in the past usually been thought of as the extended family getting together at the matriarch’s house. A huge meal was prepared and devoured. Men usually then retired to the living room to watch sports on TV. The women cleaned up. Many people still do this. However, now it seems that there are diverse ways to celebrate the day. Often families are spread across the country or even in other countries. Many families still deal with “inlaws” and “outlaws” but also we now have combined families, fragmented families, friends getting together and singles alone. When groups do get together for Thanksgiving, the meal may not be the traditional one presented in the Norman Rockwell painting. Lasagna might be served or the meal may be vegetarian. The group may go out to a restaurant. This year my son and I are going out to eat and to see the new Harry Potter movie. I would be interested in how you are spending the day and what traditions you uphold. Do you:

  1. work way ahead of the date and prepare a big meal- doing most of it yourself

  2. have a big meal at your house but other people bring food

  3. put together a meal the day before or the morning of Thanksgiving

  4. prepare a dish and take it to the place you are celebrating

  5. go to a restaurant

  6. ignore the food aspect of Thanksgiving

  7. other

However you celebrate, it is a day to remember to give thanks for all that we are grateful for.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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