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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

I am seeing a lot of reminders to show gratitude on my social media recently. I think we are all weary of being told what is wrong with our world and as Thanksgiving is upon us, we want to turn our minds to all that is right, good, and wonderful.

We all have our lists but let me share mine. I would love to have you respond to this short post by sharing things that are on your gratitude list.

  1. Family – our family that cares about each other and gathers together whenever possible and always has your back when you need help and support

  2. Friends – the friends that call and check up on you and are always there to support you as well as just hanging out and making more wonderful memories

  3. Health – our health may not always be great, but we are still here and doing all we can to continue to enjoy our lives in the healthiest manner possible

  4. Work – I love my work and I am grateful that I can still get up and do things

  5. Home – I love my home and the comfort it gives to my husband, myself, and anyone visiting

  6. Pets – I am down to one cat now, but I love the energy she gives to our home

  7. Food – we have an abundance of tasty food that nourishes our bodies. I love to both prepare food and eat it

  8. Being wholly in this day

I hope all of you find many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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