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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

We all have our lists but let me share mine. I would love to have you respond to this short post by sharing things that are on your gratitude list.

  1. Family – our family that cares about each other and gathers together whenever possible and always has your back when you need help and support

  2. Friends – the friends that call and check up on you and are always there to support you as well as just hanging out and making more wonderful memories

  3. Health – our health may not always be great, but we are still here and doing all we can to continue to enjoy our lives in the healthiest manner possible

  4. Work – I love my work and I am grateful that I can still get up and do things

  5. Home – I love my home and the comfort it gives to my husband, myself, and anyone visiting

  6. Pets – I am down to one cat now, but I love the energy she gives to our home

  7. Food – we have an abundance of tasty food that nourishes our bodies. I love to both prepare food and eat it

  8. Being wholly in this day

I hope all of you find many things to be grateful for this Thanksgiving season!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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