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The Beauty of Project Bins

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Zone Plan program the other day and she was concerned about the papers scattered all over her desk and even cascading to the floor. Right now she was involved in several big projects – all ongoing at the moment. She had an art project coming due, bills and house papers, a party, and more. The papers stacks were growing and mixing together. She was obviously stressed.

I reminded her of the beauty of using project bins. Designate one bin for each big project. Some smaller projects can go into folders within a bin. Label these bins. Sort all of your papers into their individual projects and place them into their bin.

When working on a project, pull out the papers from that bin. Work on the project for the time you have set aside for it and when that time is up, scoop up the papers and put them back into the bin. Voila! You have a clean desk. The bins can store on a bookcase or a cabinet or any convenient place near your desk.

When you are working on your project at hand you no longer have all of your other projects screaming at you. You don’t have to worry about losing a paper from one project into a stack in another project.

The project bin system is a wonderful way to keep your desk clean and alleviate the stress of multiple projects.

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