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The High Cost of Hanging on to Stuff

People hold on to their stuff for many varied reasons. They think they might need it later. Or they think someone else in the family might want it. The item may have a memory attached to it. They feel the item is a collectible and will have worth some day.

They feel that they have the space for it so why not keep it.

But over the years things begin to pile up. You no longer can park your car in the garage. So, you may have a $35,000 car sitting out in the elements while using the garage to store “stuff”.

Spare bedrooms often are used to store unused items. So, by keeping items you don’t need you are losing living space. According to some estimates, the median price for each square foot in a home in the US is $123. That space can be converted from storage space to a higher value use such as an office or an exercise room.

One in ten U.S. households rent a storage unit to store their stuff. The cost of these units can run between $60 to $250 or more a month depending on where you live and the size of the unit. Add on to that insurance costs. You can spend thousands of dollars over time storing items that you no longer use.

Many people as they get older decide to move. They may be moving closer to children or grandchildren or moving into a smaller house. Moving costs around $1 a pound. If you don’t get rid of some of your stuff at this point in time, you are paying to move items you do not need or that can easily be replaced.

If you have a cleaning person or team recognize that getting rid of excess clutter in your home would eliminate 40% of the housework in the average home. This means you are paying for the person or team to work around your clutter.

If you believe time is money, think of all the time you lose each year looking for things. It is easy to lose checks, gift cards, not to mention your car keys underneath all the stuff that is piled on desks and tabletops.

People will often purchase an item they already have because they can’t find it. This leads to having 6 staplers and 15 pairs of scissors not to mention food expiring in the back of overcrowded cupboards.

People with health issues like asthma who spend a lot on medication should note that 40 lbs. of dust accumulates in a 6-room home over a year it you can’t get a good cleaning done because of items stacked here and there.

What is it costing you to hold on to items that you do not need, use, or love?

Walk through your home. Stick your head into the attic or basement. Study your garage or storage area. Make a list of the things that are just sitting there taking up space and not being used. Plan to start getting rid of those items.

You will feel so much lighter and your pocketbook will thank you too.

If you want help getting a kick start, contact me at Time Space Organization or Release.Repurpose.Reorganize.

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