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The Zone Plan – Organizing the Master Bedroom

Once a month I choose a zone in my home to organize, declutter, and deep clean. During one of the spring months I choose to work in our master bedroom. It’s a wonderful time to review the winter wardrobe and clean or repair any favorites before I store them away and to discard anything that I no longer want to wear. It’s also a time when I like to clean the windows and let the sun shine in.

When I start to work in any zone in my home, I start with a vision. Because I share this room with my husband, it needs to be a shared vision. We want this room to have a welcoming presence. We want a calming, relaxing feel and a place to feel happy. We like soft light but still have enough light available to read. My husband meditates here so the room should have an uncluttered, peaceful feel.

I use the whole month to work on this zone and I divide the tasks into four sections. I schedule time on my calendar to complete each task.

One week I organize the closet. Rob stores his hanging clothes in his office closet, so this is a job I do alone. I pull out all m clothes, shoes, and accessories and sort them. I get rid of the ones that no longer fit or that I no longer want to wear. I wash the interior of the closet and then replace all items.

Another week, Rob and I clean out our dressers. We take out every article and toss anything that is damaged and put into a donate box anything sill in good shape, but we don’t want. Winter items go into the lower drawers and summer items come up to the top drawers. Meanwhile, the dresser is washed and waxed.

Still another week we work on the wall where the bed and end tables live. I strip the bed down to the frame and wash everything. The duvet goes to the cleaners and then is stored in the closet until it gets cold again. All extra reading material is removed from the end tables, so we only have what we are currently reading. The end tables are also washed and waxed.

The last week I finish up anything that might not have gotten done. It might be the windows or the overhead fan. It might be dusting down the walls and ceiling or cleaning the throw rugs.

By the end of the month, the room will be sparkly clean and welcoming. I will put out fresh flowers and admire our work. I feel we will sleep even better in the clear, clean bedroom.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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