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The Zone Plan – The Breakfast Room

This is the time of year that people traditionally do their spring cleaning. Instead of setting days aside now to spring clean, I use a zone plan. I divide my home into 10 zones and tackle one a month – skipping the months of July and December. Each zone is visited once a year. This allows me to touch everything in my home once a year and make certain that my vision for these areas is still true.

If you check back in my blogs, you will note that January I did my office. February I did the spare bedroom. In April I worked in the living room. This month I focus on my breakfast room. It is located at the back entrance to my home so for you it might be a mud room or any other small room in your house.

The activities that happen in this room are; overflow for parties, storage for some large cooking wares, all party supplies, food containers, china, silver, crystal, and on the top shelf behind sliding doors I store my suitcases. The cat box also lives in this room.

My goal is to clean and organize every thing in this room during the month of April. I will touch everything, clean much of it, and decide if it goes back where it came form or is given away. If I have food containers that have lost their lids – out they go. Party decorations that no longer move me are gone. If I have a suitcase I have not used in years – I donate it. My goal in every zone is to eliminate some of the items in the space. Usually through the year some new things have come in and I don’t want my areas to be crowded or overfull.

At the end of the month I will put some fresh flowers on the table, breathe deeply, and move on to the next zone.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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