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To Tree or Not to Tree- That is the Question

A couple of days before Thanksgiving, I saw my first live tree on top of a car on its way to some one’s home. It made me consider when or if I was going to put up my tree. My friends and family always seem to have a discussion about this time of year about putting up a tree. I hear comments like: “It’s just one more thing to trip over.” “I’m not going to be home for Christmas anyway.” “I don’t mind putting it up but I hate the job of taking it down.” “I love my tree and I only want a real one.” “My tree is up all year in the basement. I just unwrap it and bring it up.” In spite of all the discussion, most of us do what we have always done. If we have had a tree in the past, we’ll have it now. I thought about not having a tree this year (for about 30 seconds) because I would not be here for Christmas and it is a hassle to put up alone. Then I thought, “Well, what are friends for?” and asked a girl friend to help me put up my tree. In return, I will take her out that evening for a tour of homes in Decatur. I will be simplifying and downsizing my decorating this year. I have made my schedule for all that I plan to do for the holidays and there is only so much time. But, even though I will be gone on Christmas, I will still enjoy my tree. I love getting up in the morning and turning on the lights and having my coffee just looking at my tree. My ornaments all hold meaning for me and I love to look at them. Do you put up a tree or trees? What makes you want or not want the tree? I would love your feedback on this debate.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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