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Using a Team Approach to Decluttering

Every now and then I have a project that makes sense to use a team. I love this model and wish it came up more often. Some jobs I am the team leader and some jobs I am working under another leader. I enjoy both scenarios.

When does the team model make the best sense for a client?

  1. A huge project that needs to happen quickly. Ex. An estate trying to empty a cluttered house or a family moving with short notice and needs to downsize.

  2. A person overwhelmed working on a project and now just wants it done. Ex. Several moves later there are still boxes hanging around from the first move.

  3. A house renovation where the house needs emptying and then items brought back form storage and put away.

  4. A hoarding situation where the client is now ready to clear out items from the home.

At first the team model may seem expensive to the client but when they realize how many people will work for many hours and they see how quickly real change happens, they are delighted. A team of three or four experts can tear though a project much faster than one organizer.

When does this model not make sense?

  1. The client cannot make decisions easily and team members must wait around for the client’s responses.

  2. The client is not pushed for time and would rather spread out the work ant the cost and learn by working together.

  3. The client is nervous having people in her home working when she cannot see them all.

  4. The client is not clear with her vision and expectations.

As professional organizers we want what is best for our clients and team work is just one more way that we can serve.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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