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Using Found Time

On Sundays I set out my intended schedule for the week. I have a plan for every day. It is pretty rare if my schedule ends up the way it was planned. I may have someone new call in for an appointment. More often I have clients who need to reschedule, move the time a bit, or cancel for the week.

So, what to do when I get a cancellation or postponement and now have some found time?

  1. It it’s an entire day, like a snow day, the best way to use the time might be just to relax. Read a book. Spend some quality time with my husband.

  2. It it’s a half day, I might use part of it on a project that has been on the burner too long and then reward that work with reading or doing something in my home just for family.

  3. If it is 15 minutes to 30 minutes then the time is more likely to be frittered away if there is no plan. I have a saying by my desk that says, “Savor or Squander”. So rather than spend that time scrolling through Facebook, I have a list of things I can do without any thought.

  4. Work on clearing out my email inbox

  5. File

  6. Follow up with potential clients via a quick email or call

  7. Clear off my desk and tidy my office

  8. Meditate

  9. Work on an upcoming blog

  10. Work on a presentation

  11. Exercise in the office

  12. Walk around my yard

  13. Update my timeline for a project

The idea is that you stay in control of how your time is used. How you use found time depends on you, your working style, and what is pressing on your to do list. But do make a conscious decision what to do with the gift of found time. Put those chunks of time to their most productive use for you.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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