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Where does it go?

Gifts and purchases – This time of year we buy gifts for others and receive gifts. We might even be out there buying items for our own house. When we look at the potential purchases we tend to think of how they will make us or others happier. When contemplating an exercise device we think -the back will feel better. When contemplating the newest coffee maker -everyone in the house can have the type of coffee they like. When contemplating the bread making machine – it will be such a treat to make our own bread. When contemplating the drink machine- this will be so much fun at the next party. Great thoughts but……. before you purchase something for yourself or others also think, where will it be housed or placed? Where do you or others have space to store it? If it is stored there will it get pulled out and used? What will have to leave the house to make room for this new purchase? Do not let new purchases or gifts become clutter. If you receive something that you cannot use or have space to keep, consider passing it on to someone who can use it or has space for it. Try to give gifts of the non-cluttering type! Enjoy your holidays!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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