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Why are people disorganized?

I specialize in clients who are going through transitions and I find that most, if not all, of my clients have been organized (or at least more organized) at some point in their lives. Some of those organized patterns still are there (one reason I always ask clients, “What’s working for you right now?”) So, what happened? For most clients there have been “life events.” These can be huge like babies, starting new jobs, divorce, major illnesses, deaths of loved ones. They can be a series of smaller events like special projects, inheritances, redecorating, school seasons, holidays. The organizational system they had that worked before the event does not work as well now. Maybe they have less strength or memory. Maybe there are now other people involved. We all move back and forth between being organized and not so organized. The greater the life changes and the longer the problem is not addressed, the harder it is to get organized again. So, what’s the answer to this problem? First, taking an analysis of what is causing the mess or disorganization to happen. Then, finding the simplest system that works for the current set of circumstances. Practicing that system and tweaking it to make it work. Remembering to do constant maintenance. Getting help when you need it. 🙂

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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