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Workshop/Garage Zone

September is getting a little cooler and a good time to focus on the workshop or garage zone. I do not have a garage but much of what is in my workshop would be stored in a garage if I had one – except for a car and most people with garages don’t use them for their cars anyways. I work on this zone once a year but during the year a lot of stuff seams to just get dropped there. Part of the problem is that I have in the past few years used my workshop to temporarily store items I have picked up from clients for the twice a year electronic recycling event in Decatur. Now, since I have done this about 3 years, I think it is definitely time I set aside a special holding zone for these items. If I don’t then the items end up getting dumped on the work area near the tools. We all know what happens if something is left lying out. It breeds. The next thing you know the whole area is covered with items. The paint job you just finished- why walk clear across the workshop to put the paint and materials where they belong- just drop them by the recycling material “just for now.” Except for the recycling, I do have assigned zones. I have a yard tools zone for large and small tools and my ladders. I have a zone for fertilizer, soil, rocks and garden accessories. I have a zone for paint and painting materials. I have a zone for baskets and containers for plants or gifts. I have a zone for furniture that I use for parties. I have a zone for tools. I have a zone for extra wood and materials. I have a zone for nails, screws, brads, etc. I have an assigned place for the shop vac, the lawnmower, the wheelbarrow, and my bike. Every year, I pull all of the stuff out of my workshop. I sweep and dust out the place and replace every thing back into its place. If something is broken or no longer loved or used (like that weed eater that always breaks down on me) , I toss it or give it away. If I have duplicates that I don’t need, I give them away. I love the way the workshop looks after it is all organized and clean. To reward myself this year, I think I will hop on my bike and ride to Decatur for an iced coffee. Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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