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Your Storage Area – the Zone Plan

OK, it’s time to get back into the attic, basement, garage area, or wherever you store your seasonal decorations.

While you’re there – look around. What else is stored in this area? Since you’re here, now is a good time to evaluate what is lurking in the corners (or what you are tripping over right at the entrance). It is such a temptation when putting items into storage to just dump them wherever there is some space. This leads to difficulty maneuvering in the area and actually finding that special box when you want it.

Make a list of all the categories you have in this storage space. Are you keeping out of season clothes, archival papers, furniture and household accessories, seasonal house items like fans/heaters/humidifiers, toys to pass on to grandchildren, as well as all of your holiday decorations?

Group all related items that you find. Put like with like and designate a space for each category. Put up signs to clarify the zones. Put the categories that you rarely want – like old furniture – the farthest from the point of entry. Put them most frequently used zones nearest the entrance.

Label boxes if it is not clear what is in them. Moving forward, it helps if you use holiday colored or themed boxes to store your decorations. Mark the boxes with the primary items. If your boxes are well labeled, you will not have to dig through every box to find that advent wreath or creche that you want early in the season.

If you run across broken or unloved items that have been languishing in this area for years – get rid of them now.

If you work on this zone once a year, it will never become a nightmare.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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