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Zone Plan – Back Entry Hall

I organize and deep clean my home using my Zone Plan. ( Each month (except for July and December) I concentrate on one zone in my home. In the spring I like to work on my back-entry hall and one storage wall in my laundry room. While this is really two different areas, both are small and when I have completed these areas it means I have completed my whole home and am ready to start again next month.

Although most of my guests enter through the front door, there are times when they do come in the side door. This is also the door that the family uses most of the time. I like this area to be warm and welcoming. I have hung and placed whimsical art here just for fun. This is also an area where incoming and outgoing items are held. Current outerwear is left here on hooks. Cloth grocery bags, when unpacked after a grocery run, are hung here until the next person makes a run to the car. Outgoing mail is laid on the bench until the next run to the post office. While this is a staging area for incoming and outgoing items, nothing is allowed to stay long. The vision for this area is to have a welcoming, uncluttered entrance. Right outside the door are two planters and a whimsical frog to greet you.

The storage hall in my laundry has many purposes. I have a wall unit that holds overflow from other areas in my home. This one wall holds entertainment supplies, recycling bins, a cat box, extra litter, bird seed, tool kits, cleaning products, extra file crates from the office, and a hanging rod for clothes taken from the dryer. What a hodgepodge! Surprisingly, this zone works well. However, as I go through this zone, I look closely at what is there. I purge when I see items that are no longer used or items that got dumped in there because it was handy but that really belong in the storage shed. When I finish this zone there will be less clutter and more open spaces.

At the end of the month, I will reward myself by buying some fresh blooming flowers to place in the pots outside the door.

For more help in organizing your space, order my workbook, From Vision to Victory: A Workbook For Finding a Simple Path to an Organized Home.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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