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Zone Plan – Breakfast Room/Mud Room

This is the month I focus on my breakfast room. It is the back entrance to my home so for you it might be a mud room or any other small room in your home. I have just recently made some major changes to the look of this room. My motivation for the change was due to a shift in my life that led me to wanting to nourish myself and create more calm areas in my life. My vision was to develop an area in my home that was contemplative and peaceful. I pulled in help for re-purposing this room from Jenna Boyd of Elements of Harmony and my Feng Shui consultant –; Tami Puckett of Mindful Redesign and my organizer/re-designer –; and Michael Carpenter my artist/carpenter/faux wall designer, etc. – We brainstormed how to make this project come true and then made a plan with a time-line. The implementation is now complete. Far from my usual zone work, most of this was done by others. One area that is mine alone is the closet where all of my china/crystal/entertainment materials are housed. I will use the remainder of this month to clear out that area and purge all items I no longer need or love. My job will then be to develop the maintenance plan. Each zone is best revisited once a year and the steps outlined in From Vision to Victory: A Workbook For Finding a Simple Path to an Organized Home, followed. One example of how this works is the process I followed for this room. This allows you to touch everything in your home once a year and make certain that you vision for each area is still holding true.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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