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Zoning Your Office

Zone 1: This is the zone that is right at your finger tips. You should be able to reach items in this zone without leaving your desk. In this zone you place the items you use everyday. Depending on what you do, a partial list could include:

  1. computer

  2. printer

  3. phone

  4. timer

  5. pens/pencils

  6. business cards

  7. stapler

  8. action files

  9. current client files

Zone 2: This zone is close and accessibly. In this zone you place items you use weekly or at least often. A partial list might include:

  1. reference books

  2. 3 hole punch

  3. extra paper for computer

  4. label maker

  5. extra file folders

  6. manuals

  7. file cabinet

Zone 3: This zone can be farther away and even in another room. In this zone you place items rarely needed. The list might include:

  1. extra office supplies

  2. extra business cards/marketing material

  3. reference files

  4. older client files

  5. inspirational files

  6. items needed for presentations or booths

  7. rarely used references

  8. last year’s financing papers

Zone 4: This zone definitely should not be taking up any prime real estate. In this zone you place purely archival information. This list would mainly be old tax papers and very old client records. This could be in a basement or attic. Just make certain to clearly label the boxes.

Share with me how you zone your office for efficiency.

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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