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Advance Gift Buying

Most of us at some point in the year buy a gift for someone and save it until the appropriate time (Wow, this is just the perfect gift for ______!). The next step is storing it somewhere so that you remember you have it and remember where you stored it.

I have clients who have whole walls in the basement dedicated to gifts they have bought. Some clients have designated shelves in a closet, but don’t always get the gifts to those shelves. The gifts then end up in boxes or bags throughout the house. I have seen gifts hidden under the bed or tucked into the master closet or perhaps into a drawer. Some people don’t appear to have any designated spot – hence the “Oh, I forgot I had this” syndrome.

Suggestions for advance gift buying:

  1. Don’t buy anything unless you know who you plan to give it to and for what event. You can only store so many cute hostess gifts.

  2. Have a designated area for all gifts.

  3. As soon as you buy something – tag who is to receive it.

  4. Keep receipts and write on the receipts a description of the gift.

  5. Move the gifts along as soon as is appropriate.

  6. Don’t stock up gifts for a few people, no matter how adorable the gifts.

  7. Never buy a gift for someone without first “shopping” at your home designated gift storage area.

Suggestions for storage:

  1. Know yourself – determine how much space you really do need and set aside that amount.

  2. Chose an area that is easy for you to access – otherwise you will suffer from the “I’ll just leave it here for now.” syndrome.

  3. Consider having the storage near the gift wrap area.

  4. Containerize small gifts into baskets or bins so that small items don’t get hidden behind larger items.

  5. Clean out the area once a year. Donate those gifts that are no longer relevant.

Buying gifts on sale are a great way to save if the gift actually gets to that person. No matter how much you save, it is not a bargain if it just languishes in your home.

Happy shopping!

Jonda S. Beattie Professional Organizer

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